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Donate to help Lima´s Poorest cvhildren and mothers.
Donate to help Lima´s Poorest cvhildren and mothers.
Donate to help Lima´s Poorest cvhildren and mothers. Volunteer to educate street kids, eradicate poverty among poorest women
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News Archives of Bruce Peru and our Volunteers ...Videos showing volunteers & professionals educating Street Kids
Breaking News - The Ministry of Education, Peru, recently announced that each child being taught in one of Bruce Peru´s informal schools, who has successfully completed one year as a Bruce Peru student, will be awarded the same certificate as all students in the Peruvian Education System: for having completed one year of school. [For now this applies only to the Provence of La Libertad]. Of course we are absolutely delighted, grateful for the recognition and thrilled for the children. When this privilege is extended to all Provences, and the Government adopts our programme as its own solution for out-of-school children: then we can all become friends.
Bruce Peru at the UN
Thanks to Nancy Global health authorities now know we are combining health care with teaching to effectively help many street kids.
Palmer RN (on behalf of Schoolcraft College)
Presenting the medical programme of Bruce Peru to the WHO (United Natiobns - World Health Organisation)
The venue was the July 2008 WHO nursing conference held in Israel and attended by health care officials from 33 countries.. Nancy and her husband, Tom Palmer, MD, have conducted annual clinics for our children and parents beginning in 2005.
Medical clinics set up at Bruce Peru centers in Cities where we educate street kids.....Volunteering at Bruce Organisation - what it is really like.....At WHO conference Bruce Peru health care for  at-risk children recognised.
Nearly half the Peruvian children not in school
live in Lima

Our campaign to get the National Government of Peru to recognise the large population of Peruvian children who are not receiving education, and to do something effective to get these children educated. [We are offering our own successful progects as one example] is now being launched!
New Bruce Peru Centre, Miraflores, Lima, Peru Light at the end of the tunnel for the poorest children of Lima. The state school building shown at right is the first ray of this light - for we have managed to start moving our Lima projects from their shanty schools into state school buildings; where we have already proved in other cities our success rate in seriously helping the poorest children is much higher. This is both a credit to all the volunteers who have toild in the Lima barrios, and to our standing with the Ministry of Education throughout Peru.
Building a shanty school in Ventanilla, Lima, Peru June 2005
Ventanilla, Lima, Peru

We built a little shanty school onto the back of our co-director's house in Ventanilla. Now more than 20 children are educated and fed there every week day
Our satellite projects send our Lima volunteers into the most deprived barrios where the poorest children live. Many local volunteers are helping.
Lima volunteers finding children not in school, RinconadaThe first four satellite centres in Lima are, Villa Maria, San Juan de Miraflores (Rinconada), Pamplona (San Sebastian) and Ventanilla. To open a satellite children's centre (a shanty school) we require at least ten children in the community who are not in school to be registered with us, and have the agreement of their family (almost always a single or abandoned mother). To start we will pay a local co-director and a licensed teacher. When the centre has over 20 children we will pay a second teacher. All our Lima satellite children's centres now have over 20 children, and we are preparing to begin opening more in July and August.
Street Kids Claire, the British nurse in Ethiopia who inspired Live Aid 20 years ago when at a young age she had to decide the fate of thousands of starving children: it fell to her to select 60 children each night to fill the vacant places in a shelter where they would be cared for and fed: leaving up to 2,000 in line, knowing they would probably not survive the night - such were the harsh realities of the 1980's famine in the Horn of Africa, and the heavy burdens placed of the care givers who went to help. Claire continued her career in Kenya and in other countries. Recently she returned to Ethiopia to look for some to the people she had brought into the shelter as children in the '80s. She was able to find many of them, all survivors. Some were as poor as their parents had been before the famine, while others were prosperous - there was a marked difference between them. She asked some of the successful ones to what they attributed their success, whereas so many of their peers remained badly off. They all said "A charity sponsored us in school, we received an educationn."
Building a shanty school in Villa El Salvador, Lima, Peru Our first school in
Villa El Salvador
Was started in Lima - right in the heart of a homeless persons invasion site. One day last month four thousand extremely poor people decended upon a sandy firld and started errecting their flimsy reed shacks. We agreed to provide their school.
Poor children's first visit to the zoo Their first visit to the Zoo
In two turns our dear Aussies took all our children to the Lima Zoo. For some it was their first trip out of the barrio, first sight of grass, paved roads, buildings
Our first Christmas with the children of Lima. Fiestas & more. Pictured here are two of our three parties for our Lima children. Between the vols from australia and Ana Tere's daughter, the children of Lima were at least as spoilt as any of our dear Peruvian children. It was also a farewell to the generous Australians, hello to Oliver; plus a time to reflect on all the people who helped us make it through this first year. Marc, Meg, Dave, Ron, The Odd Theatre Co. Katie, Nikki, Fumico, Alex, Meghann, Lloyd.
Megan, whose drive and love helped get our Lima project started

Follow up is paying off for Bruce Peru kids already in school Follow up is paying off for Bruce Peru kids already in school
Las Americas ...San Sebastian
Better school buidings for the children of Bruce Peru Lima.
We have left the pool hall in Rinconada for a proper school house at Las Americas, and the "Pig Pen" (La Chancharia) for a real school in San Sebastian
The Poor Children of Lima
- our greatest challenge!

For poor families living in the most expensive city, it is hard to let ones children go to school instead earn money. In the city where more NGOs are offering poor people something for nothing, it is easy for them to become spoilt: to feel entitled to 'a life for free'. Right>Some of the dedicated creative, dynamic and selfless volunteers who have taken on Lima for the sake of its children.
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Megan, whose drive and love helped get our Lima project started

New Bruce Peru Centre, Miraflores, Lima, Peru The end of April we received a visit from our partners in the Lima project, Marc Zwaaneveld, founder and Chairman of Kinder Zon, and his son (and webmaster) Carsten, from the Netherlands. One day with our volunteers and they are now part of the family. We are already plotting more ways to collaborate.
Lima by Day or Night With help from our friends at Kinder Zon we have opened our Lima Centre. We send our volunteers out from there to satellite centres in the barrios, where they help the poorest children.
Lima InfoBruce Peru Volunteers open Palmeras Children's Centre 01.05
Paying homage to some recent volunteers at Bruce Peru Celebrating the work of recent volunteers. Our program is beeing led by a team of talented dedicated fun volunteers.
Satellite shanty town schools educate children who could not get into state schools During Summer break in the Southern Hemisphere we work with children young enough to enter first or second grade. The rest of the year - like now - we educate children too poor, abandoned or too old to get into regular school. Right now in Peru we have 14 full time centres, 6 part time centres and are just opening another 6 full time centres to educate these dear children.
Street children need  help...... Street kids,
..........They come to us they are;
we make of them
..........what they let us
they crave love, need direction......ready for school